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One hundred years of innovation

Réservoirs X. Pauchard

Located in the heart of Burgundy, in Autun, the company has built its reputation around its hot dip galvanizing bath. The history of the company the Réservoirs X. Pauchard has known how to evolve along with needs thanks to its skills and know-how.

From the most standard to the most inventive tanks (from 50 to 50,000 liters), we have designed a qualitative range of pressure equipment for all of our partners around the world.

Our expertise allows us to be, beyond the simple manufacturer, a true technical and strategic partner for all your projects.

A team of experts

Thanks to a proven quality system, we support you in the implementation of your national and international projects.

The Réservoirs X. Pauchard apply a large number of regulations and codes such as DESP, ASME with USTAMP, DNV, CODAP, Regulations Russian Federation (GOST)… Beyond these applications, we are present and involved in the drafting of the French code CODAP and European standards, in order to guarantee and participate in a high level of quality.

Our strength : versatility

In steel or stainless steel, the Réservoirs X. Pauchard are used in many fields of industry, fire safety, nuclear, medical, petroleum ...

The company Réservoirs X. Pauchard has managed to diversify by focusing on listening to the needs and constraints of its customers. This has enabled it to acquire expertise and a high level of quality.